Sourdough Sunday: Coffee Cake

Today I baked gluten-free sourdough coffee cake based on this recipe. I cut the sugar in half, as most recipes are too sweet for our tastebuds. I also added sunflower seeds to the crumble topping.

The results:

  1. It could use more sugar. Next time I’ll only cut the sugar by 1/4.
  2. It was a little over baked because it needed an extra 15 minutes to ensure the center was done. I think this is too much recipe for an 8X8 pan.
  3. It is very crumbly, but might have been better if I hadn’t cut it right out of the oven. (I couldn’t wait. I was hungry!)
  4. I also think this recipe makes too much crumble topping. I thought that at first, but then told myself the crumble topping is the best part and surely you can never have too much. I was wrong. I would cut it down to 3/4 of the recipe, unless I baked it in a 9X12 pan, then it might be the perfect amount.

I am still enjoying my coffee cake with a cup of chicory coffee.

I also made the annual May Wine since the Sweet Woodruff is starting to flower. Simply cut and wash a few sprigs and add them to your favorite white wine and refrigerate overnight. The herb imparts a distinctive sweet flavor. Sweet Woodruff is also used medicinally, but large quantities can be toxic. This recipe includes strawberries in the May Wine, though I’ve never tried it that way.

I hope you have a lovely Sunday planned. We are experiencing a cold snap, so it’s the perfect excuse to stay inside and get some knitting and sewing done!

9 thoughts on “Sourdough Sunday: Coffee Cake

  1. When I was a kid, my folks would do a May wine party every year with a big punch bowl of Blue Nun (pretty sure it was super cheap and my 2 teacher parents could afford it and not much else), with sweet woodruff and strawberries in it. Fond memories of that in the backyard with a cook-out and music.

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  2. The coffee cake looks so delicious–with my improving appetite, it’s making me hungry. 🙂 Hope you enjoy your May Wine–simple ingredients that make wonderful additives are the best!

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