Friday Finish: More Tekura Tees

The Tekura Tee is my go to top in warm weather. So I decided to make a few more! I can get one from a yard of fabric, so I grabbed the two prints on the left in organic cotton knit when Spoonflower was having a sale. The white interlock on the right is from my stash.

If you look closely at the blue print, you will see an elusive character. 👀

15 thoughts on “Friday Finish: More Tekura Tees

  1. I see him/it. Very subtle. Now I’m wondering how your toadstool is the right was up on the bias neckline inside, is it because it’s a type of material that doesn’t need to be cut on the bias because it’s already stretchy?

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  2. These look great! I need to find a good basic go-to pattern like this for myself so that I can get back in the habit of sewing without needing to learn to many new things. (Or re-learn them, in some cases.) These all look super comfy.

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