I’m Gardening Mostly, a YOP Update

Baby Gooseberries

This week I planted my veggies and herbs in the garden. It’s a little early, but don’t worry. I have back ups. If those in the garden do well, I may put the extras on a table at the end of the driveway with a “free plants” sign.

The greens are doing well in the greenhouse. Bob has used mustard from the garden in a batch of kimchi. The mustard is already flowering, so I need to pull it up before it goes to seed and takes over the world.

Something has been chomping my pea stalks, which is discouraging. Last night we tried rags soaked in ammonia hanging in the garden as a deterrent. It may have worked, since there was no damage this morning. Only time will tell. I haven’t seen a single frog. I haven’t seen many slugs, either.

We’re hoping an abundance of apples this year will keep the critters away from the garden. Bob saw a fox kit on the porch this morning. I am encouraging foxes, and hawks, too. Please, come eat our menagerie of wildlife and stay away from the neighbors’ chickens. Just don’t do it when I’m watching. (Hey, predators gotta eat.) Either that, or I’ll end up like my Grandma standing in the garden in the middle of the night in my nightgown with a pistol, shooting at raccoons. (Just kidding. We don’t have a gun.)

Other than sewing three new Tekura Tees, I’ve been knitting Freya’s purple Lodge Sweater. I’m nearing the end of the first sleeve. I also started the Celtic Mists MKAL, but not much to show yet. Why yes, I did join another mystery knitalong. I think this one is more in my wheelhouse.

Oh! And I’m entering three items into the Ohio State Fair: Arrowhead, Ocean Moon, and A Lonely Heart is a Hunter. I’ve never entered anything in the Creative Arts division before, only Fine Arts, where I won some awards and sold all my pieces in 2009. That was an exciting year.

This has been a Year of Projects update. You can read my updated project list at this link. You can find out more about the group on Ravelry.

13 thoughts on “I’m Gardening Mostly, a YOP Update

  1. Good luck with your garden this year! Do you have a local farmer’s market? Maybe you could sell things there! And Good Luck at the State Fair!! I really think your Arrowhead should win something, it’s amazing.

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      1. Goodness you have been busy. Your garden sounds like it is going to be wonderful. We’ll, as long as your nasty pests stay away. Maybe rabbits? Good luck on your state fair entries. That sounds exciting.

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  2. Best wishes at the fair. Sounds like lots of fun. My stepdaughter recently told me I should sell my stuff online. That was before I informed her that the yarn alone in my top was $100 and that didn’t count the month it took me to knit it. I don’t think she will be encouraging me to sell my knitted items. Good news was after our “talk” she gave a big tip to her friend that was crocheting some toys for her daughter.

    Good luck with critters and gardening. We have given up gardening in the yard and only do deck pots now.

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  3. Maybe you standing out in your nightgown in the night would be deterrent enough – just don’t wear one of your stunning handknits; the critters might feel they have to come close to admire!

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