Birthday Month YOP Around the Clock

I’ve been having a wonderful birthday month. (A little joke but I mean why not?) I went for tacos, a hike, and to a folk music festival with my kids. Bob and I drove to Oklahoma to visit my Mom and sister. I got to stop over at Bonny’s on the way there. I went to a yarn shop in Oklahoma City with a yarn-bombed bicycle in the window and — yes — bought yarn with birthday money. I even finished knitting a project!

We visited my Mom.
I finished Freya’s purple Lodge Sweater. She loves it!

I am keeping up with my Celtic Mists mystery knitalong. The designer makes the clues short and sweet! While I love alpaca’s softness and drape, I normally prefer wool for elasticity. But the way this yarn is spun keeps it springy. I love working with it!

I started another beanie on the trip with yarnmama’s superwash merino in Damson Plum. Another yarn outlier for me, this superwash is lofty and buoyant. I’m a fan! And the color is royal.

No frogs have shown up in my pond this year, but never mind. My sister gifted one to me for my birthday. We call him Okie.

20 thoughts on “Birthday Month YOP Around the Clock

  1. What a pretty pond. I’m sure you will have visitors soon for Okie. The purple sweater turned out great. What a beauty. The Celtic shawl looks amazing. The stitch definition is great even with alpaca. Glad you had a wonderful trip to see your mom.

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  2. Happy Birthday Month! It looks like you are celebrating in style. Love the bicycle and your sweater is gorgeous. The Royal yarn for the hat is scrumptious! I really like the shawl although I don’t wear them.
    I can see where you get your beautiful complexion…from your Mother!
    Cute little froggy!

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