Winterberry Socks

📸 by This Handmade Life on Ravelry

Yesterday, Bob and I went for a walk on a new trail and we saw lots of cheery red berries against the snow. I tried to get a good photo, but it was challenging.

Winterberry Socks pattern by Handmades by Olivia (Etsy link)

We also visited the cutest coffee shop in the world in the cute little village of Galena, Ohio. I always wanted to stop here on the route I take Freya to school, and now I have.

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Moondrake Yarn Advent Day 20

Deer With Little Antlers Hat

📸 tinyowlknits

“are you tired of trying to grow antlers with no luck?
then this little hat is for you!
Its perfect to wear when
hanging out with your
animal friends in the woods.
you will blend in like a charm!”

You might also wear this hat with a red nose on Christmas Eve while you’re waiting for Santa. Maybe he will bring you along for the ride! Deer With Little Antlers Hat (Ravelry link)

Christmas is less than a week away now. Are you ready? All our packages have been wrapped or mailed. We are making (and eating) lots of cookies. Cards are mailed. Decorations are up. We are really missing our kids but we’ll have the youngest here. I think we’re ready!

Moondrake Yarn Advent Day 19

Jingle All the Way

📸 Jolijn Copier Designs

Happy December 18: Answer the Phone Like Buddy the Elf Day! If you’ve never watched the film Elf, that means you answer the phone like this, “Buddy the Elf, What’s your favorite color?” Elf is a big favorite in our family. These socks are perfect Elf watching socks. Jingle All the Way pattern (Ravelry link)

Rikkemas Hat

I also have a Friday FO! I finished my Rikke Hat in Ramen Needles Christmas Village colorway.

Pattern is Rikke Hat (Ravelry link) I will probably make more of these. I’m also wearing my red Carbeth sweater. And it’s snowing! Festive!

Moondrake Yarn Advent Day 18: Late Bloomer

Poinsettia Mittens

📸 Oomieknits

These mittens are so festive and cheerful. They are also knit with Aran weight yarn, so they must knit up fast! I love the red and white Latvian braid detail. This is a free pattern. (Ravelry link)

Do you buy poinsettias at Christmas? I was curious where this tradition started, so I looked it up. Poinsettias didn’t arrive in the United States until the 19th century. The plant is named for the first U.S. Ambassador to Mexico, Dr. Joel Roberts Poinsett, who introduced America to the poinsettia in 1828, after discovering it in the wilderness in southern Mexico. In Mexico, poinsettias are known as Flores de Noche Buena. (Spanish for “flowers of the holy night”). December 12 is National Poinsettia Day. I missed it! I don’t usually buy poinsettias because I can’t keep them alive inside. When I lived in Southern California, I knew people who planted them in their yards and they would grow to be big bushes.

Moondrake Yarn Advent Day 16: It’s snowing!

Tree Farm Socks

📸 Natalie Sheldon

I had a “lemonade from lemons” moment last week while driving my youngest to and from school. Her car is in the shop after the accident. This drive is significant, about 45 minutes each way. I noticed a sign for a tree farm I had never seen before. On the third driving day, I finally spotted the tree farm on the way home. It’s so cheery. We opted for an artificial tree this year for the first time. I miss the trip to pick out a tree. Do you think the tree farm would mind if we came in and walked around for a bit? Maybe they have swags for sale? I will let you know if I am able to visit the tree farm. Tree Farm Socks (Ravelry link)

Moondrake Yarn Advent Day 15

Mince Pies

📸 The Pattern Pixie

Yes, there’s a knitting pattern for mince pies. I’m filing this one away for later. (Ravelry link)

This is the second year Bob and I have made homemade mince pies. I make the filling and he makes the crust. This year I’d forgotten how I made the mincemeat last year. I recreated it, but even better! I’m posting the recipe for next year when I forget again.

This is only the recipe for the filling since Bob’s gluten-free pie crust recipe is top secret.

For the mincemeat:

2 Granny Smith apples, chopped
1 cup dried, sour cherries
1 cup dried cranberries
1 cup dried sultanas
3/4 cup dried currants
3/4 cup dried figs, chopped
1/3 cup crystallized ginger, chopped fine
1/4 cup orange rind, chopped fine
1 cup raw sunflower seeds, hulled
1 cup raw pepitas

Mix the above ingredients in a large bowl. Add and fold in:

3/4 cup sugar
1 1/2 tablespoons Bob’s pumpkin pie spice (Ceylon cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, ginger, cardamom, and allspice)
1 teaspoon salt

1 tablespoon lemon juice
1 1/2 cups apple cider

Mix until ingredients are evenly distributed.

In a separate bowl, grate 4 tablespoons cold unsalted butter. Add 4 tablespoons of gluten free flour. Mix with hands or pastry cutter until crumbly.

Add the butter and flour mixture to the mincemeat mixture. Stir well.

Turn into a buttered casserole dish and cover with foil. Bake in a 250 degree Fahrenheit oven for 90 minutes.

Cool mixture. When ready, fill pie shells. Top with lattice or cut outs.

Bake at 375 degrees Fahrenheit for 20-25 minutes for small pies, 40-45 minutes for a big one.

We filled enough pies for one of Bob’s gluten-free double pie crust recipe, and still had enough mincemeat to fill a one quart jar.

I might have eaten a mince pie before dinner while watching A Christmas Horror Story.
Moondrake Yarn Advent Day 14

December 13 HoliDaily: All Things Scandi

I caught a snap of the gingerbread before they were all eaten.

In the photo of my gingerbread cookies above, you will see an animal, of sorts. Bob always asks me why I have two different reindeer cookie cutters, and I always say, exasperated, “It’s a Julbock!”

“A what?”

“The Yule Goat!”

📸 Simply Knitting

First of all, reindeer are caribou. And mountain goats are also caribou. Second, yes I will probably knit this Julbock some day. It’s my favorite cookie cutter and some sheep are also caribou. And that’s how we get to sheep. Julbock and Tomtaren pattern (Alan Dart website link)

And here is a Wikipedia link if you want to learn about the Yule Goat.

📸 Kristin Drysdale

The reason I chose all things Scandi for today is because it is St. Lucia’s Day, the holiday where children in Scandinavia make saffron buns and perilously wear a lit candle crown on their heads while serving their parents coffee with the saffron buns. (Wikipedia link) This Swedish Christmas Pillow is adorable. I really love looking at it. I will think about knitting it. (Ravelry Link) Note the Dala Horse in this pattern.

📸 Amy Gwatkin

The Dala Horse is another cookie cutter my family is mystified about. This hat is super cute, but I would probably knit it in red and white. Karusellen (Ravelry Link)

📸 Tea Cosy Folk

I have no need for a tea cosy, but this one is a turtleneck sweater! And it’s super Scandi so I had to share it. Scandi Jumper Tea Cosy (Ravelry link)

Year of Projects Update

I updated my list but other than that I don’t have much to share. You can read my original list here. You can find out more about the group here.

Moondrake Yarn Advent Day 13 💙
All the Advent Yarn so far.
I made gluten-free rosemary shortbread last night. Today we’re making mince pies.

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December 12 HoliDaily: Celtic Sheep Stocking… and More Sheep

📸 Darlene Swaim

This is a handsome Christmas stocking. I know many knitters knit their own stockings. So far I haven’t been tempted. But this one has sheep! Celtic Sheep Stocking (Ravelry link) If you knit this stocking, you might be tempted to fill it with more sheep, like these:

📸 Susan B Anderson

I’m tempted to make these, just for fun. Sheep! (Ravelry link) But what I will probably do instead is knit this Bobble Sheep Pillow.

📸 Purl Soho

Do you think knitting the bobbles will drive me nuts? Maybe. But hugging this pillow might make up for it. Bobble Sheep Pillow (Website link)

Moondrake Yarn Advent Day 12. Quartz.

December 11 HoliDaily: The Taxus Mittens

📸 Anne Myhre
📸 EvaL8
📸 fun9

I’m definitely knitting these, although I’m not sure about colors yet. I love how they’re festive and wintry in every colorway I’ve seen.

📸 Anne Myhre

I did order some Christmassy fingering yarn in red, green, white, blue, and brown, so I will probably make that pair first. After I make the Christmas Pudding Socks. The Taxus Mittens (Ravelry Link)

Friday FOs

I finished the TransPride socks and I’m pleased to share they were worn yesterday. Hooray! A success!

Here’s a better photo of my Shetland Tweed Throw blocking on the line. It’s so warm and squishy. I love it.

Moondrake Yarn Advent Day 11