December 2 HoliDaily!

📸 Susan B Anderson

Look at this cute set of holiday charms you can knit! They would make great ornaments, or string them together for a garland. Here is the website link. I have to warn you, there are lots of adorable charms and toys to knit on this website. There’s even a moose in a sweater with trees on it. Adorable! I’m tempted.

I haven’t started any of my festive knitting. I’m still plugging away on projects I’m trying to finish. I think it’s time to cast on with wild abandon.

Here’s Day 2 of my Moondrake advent calendar. A couple of years ago, when the term “snowflake” was being thrown about, our family embraced it by making glitter snowflake ornaments. I love how this yarn matches one of our snowflakes.